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You do not have to be a billionaire to live comfortably, and have financial security. Things That Matter, in West LA, suggests opportunities and options about a variety of financial tools, to enhance your income and future financial plans.  After listening to your goals and requirements, our mission is to make suggestions, helping you plan, maintain or improve your quality of life with financial freedom. Read about our family trusts and veterans' benefits below.

Family Trusts

A family trust is a proven way of establishing and distributing wealth to your family members. If you decide this tool is right for you, we will work with your attorney to set it up.  Many people place their businesses, property and assets in a trust.

Based on your will the trust will avoid probate and ensure your private affairs remain private. You can place your assets in a family trust that will become effective weeks after you pass away, rather than years through probate. There are many different types of family trusts, including a bloodline trust that ensures only members of your bloodline will benefit from it. Your trust is not open to the public, and is confidential.

Military Men, Financial Plans in West LA

For Veterans, services including accessing the little known Title 38

It is an honor to serve our nation's veterans.  We can suggest tapping  into your Title 38 veterans' benefits. If you are a veteran who wants to buy a home, we can help you acquire access to property using your right to a 100% mortgage. 


Ensure the validity of any type of legal document by having us notarize it for you. We can notarize any document, particularly in real estate, and it will become a legal agreement that is signed by 2 competent parties. You must be fingerprinted as part of the process to go into the notary book along with your information. Document notarization typically costs $15 per signature, depending on what is required.

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