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In the area of financial protection, insurance is essential. There are many forms of insurance, depending on your needs. Health insurance and life insurance protects you and your family from financial disaster due to sickness or death. Insurance can also provide for the possibility of a tax free pension and long term care if you are among the 2 out of 3 persons who may need it. Insurance can also protect estate assets and pay taxes on the estate. Things That Matter, in West LA, has the knowledge and connections to provide access to top rated insurance brokers, to assist you in choosing the right decisions for your future finances and security.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that you benefit from while you are alive, may be the best one for you. If you learn how to use this life insurance, you may receive a tax-free pension and it could become your bank, to from yourself.

Life insurance is an essential key in your portfolio and obtaining the right policy with the right benefits is important. This financial option is also an ideal entry into building security with little risk.

You are eligible to choose life insurance from age 21 to 90.  It is an essential tool for your life plan. Maybe the best policies are the ones that create income for you and create a viable cash valuation in the policy. Additionally, the ideal policy is the kind you can fully pay and start taking the cash out at age 59.5 years.

Smiling Family, Health Insurance and Life Insurance in West LA

To make sure you benefit from the best rates, we shop the market for life insurance. If you are turned down by a carrier (for health issues), we try to help you find another that will cover you.

Health Insurance

With retirement, many folks find that their health insurance goes away and they have to shop for themselves.  We recommend you begin shopping for health insurance before age 65 to get the best deal possible. Our independence gives you choices; we have spent the time and money to learn about all available coverage. We will discuss your needs with you to help match you with your ideal health insurer, Additionally, we suggest you check the government health policy site to see the ratings for different insurance companies.

Millionaire Policy

If you are wealthy, you may be eligible for a millionaire policy that costs cents on the dollar. We will be happy to discuss with you the requirements and benefits of this exclusive policy. To qualify for a millionaire policy, you should:

• Be an Accredited Investor or a Key Person in the Business
• Have a Generous Family Trust
• Have Extensive Assets
• Be Insurable

Safe-Money Investments

Life Settlements are an investment in which you cannot lose your principle, and which earn 100-150% return assured.  The “moving part” is the time factor.  Payment (with principle plus return) can vary from one to ten years. Warren Buffet’s investment group, Birkshire-Hataway, invests annually in Life Settlements.  These can also be used as qualified fund investments.


An income annuity is an investment account that insures an income stream for a specific period of time, or life. You cannot lose your principal and you are paid regularly monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the contract. To learn more, a financial planning consultation can greatly benefit you.